This is a SMD-version of the Fnordlicht by FD0. The Fnordlicht is a RGB-Light which kann light in all colors by mixing the base-colors red, green and blue. This can be done by a program running on the Fnordlicht itself, or controlled from a PC.

SMT are surface mounted devices: Parts that are fixed on top of the PCB instead of having wires that are plugged through the pcb and soldered below it. Most of the time, they are smaller and not as easily manageable as their wired counterparts.

Differently to the Original-Fnordlicht, the Fnordlicht-SMD has some additional features:

Rendered preview of Fnordlicht-SMD:

rendered preview of Fnordlicht-SMD rendered
prview of Fnordlicht-SMD


Fnordlicht-SMD Fnordlicht-SMD

Kits and boards are available via the


Solderinginstructions (online) SMD-Soldering-Howto

Solderinginstructions (PDF) Solderinginstructions (PDF, as A5 booklet)

Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers) Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers, as A5 booklet)

The software of the USBnotify is opensource and released under GPL2.

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