USBtiny-IR is a LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) compatible infrared-remotecontrol receiver.

Igor Cesko has developed a infrared-receiver for USB called IgorPlug. This is supported by the Linux remotecontrol-driver LIRC. Dick Streefland wrote a free firmware for the USBtiny-IR usbtiny.

I have developed some PCBs for the circuit designed by Dick Streefland which is quite small (30mm * 30mm), and have both a mini-USB-COnnector for external use and a pinheader for internal use.

Kits and boards are available via the

Rendered preview of USBtiny-IR:

gerenderte Vorschau von USBtiny-IR

PCB with mini-USB:

Board with usb-mini-connector

PCB with PIN-header:

Board with pinheader USB-Connector

Solderinginstructions (online)

Solderinginstructions (PDF) Solderinginstructions (PDF, as A5 booklet)

Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers) Sodleringinstructions (PDF, for black/white printers, as A5 booklet)

The software of Usbtiny-IR is opensource and released under GPL2.

Please send comments, fixes and pizza to usbtiny-ir (at) spida (.) net