USBnotify is a device, that can be controlled by by USB and can alert a user of some events (new mail/message, compiler run finished, ...). On the other hand, it can and should be used as a experimental and learning platform for microcontrollers and USB.

Kits and boards are available via the

rendered preview of USBnotify:

preview of the USBnotify rendered Preview of USBnotify

Complete PCB:

topside of
the PCB, SMT-parts and wired LEDs underside
of the PCB

Below the LEDs on the topside of the PCB are further SMT-parts:

Topside of the PCB, SMD-Parts

Solderinginstructions (online) SMT-Solderinginstructions

Solderinginstructions (PDF) Solderinginstructions (PDF, as A5 booklet)

Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers) Solderinginstructions (PDF, for black/white printers, as A5 booklet)

The software of the USBnotify is opensource and released under GPL2.

usbnotify-20101008.tgz MD5sum von usbnotify-20101008.tgz GPG Signatur von usbnotify-20101008.tgz

Please send comments, fixes and pizza to usbnotify (at) spida (.) net