PyMPDTouchGUI is a client for MPD, the music play daemon. MPD is a daemon to play music and can be controlled via network.

The aim of PyMPDTouchGui is, in contrast to other mpd-clients, to be used via a touchscreen on a embedded-system. This raises a number of demands:

The demand for low resource-usage causes PyMPDTouchGui to be usable without X-Windows, but only with a framebuffer-console. It can be used with X-Windows like any other application, though.

PyMPDTouchGui is written in Python. To use the framebufferconsole, libSDL is used via the gaming-framework Pygame.



PyMPDTouchGui is opensource and released under GPL2.

It is available for download here:

New version with daemon-support:

New Version without polling (much less cpu-load), based on python-twisted:

Old version not using python-twisted, but polling:

Please send comments, fixes and pizza to pympdtouchgui (at) spida (.) net